Best WordPress Meta Tags Plugin – Add Description and Keywords Easily

Over the last few weeks I’ve scoured the net for a plugin that allows me to add descriptions and keywords easily while using WordPress as my content management system.

I’m proud to say after trying many different plugins and even trying to hard code some files, I found the best and easiest to use wordpress meta tags plugin called Add-Meta-Tags.

Update: I’ve actually created an update to this page and made a complete list of some of the top wordpress plugins. See the list here.

When this plugin is activated, it adds the description and keywords META tags to the front page and to single post view. This wordpress plugin also allows you to add “descriptions” and “keywords” to static pages.

This plugin creates descriptions and keywords on it’s own or you can simply modify them for each post and page by using the “custom field” option.

Here is the link to this great WordPress Meta Tags Plugin.

I also wanted to add another great SEO WordPress Plugin that will help clean up your title tags. It’s called SEO Title Tag. Here are some great features it offers for better SEO and higher search engine rankings.

– Allows you to override a pages or a posts title tag with a custom one defined through a custom field.

– Allows you to define a custom home page title through the Options page; SEO Title Tag page in the WordPress admin.

– Reverses the order of the blog name and the title (giving more keyword prominence to the title instead of the blog name).

– Or if you prefer, theres a setting to drop the blog name altogether, or to replace it with a shorter nickname.

– For users of the UltimateTagWarrior plugin (which should be everybody!), incorporates the tag name into the title tag on tag pages (sorry for the confusing use of tag in two contexts here as in tagging and HTML title tags).

– Uses a categorys description (if defined) as the title tag on category pages.

Best of all both these great wordpress plugins are FREE. Both plugins are already currently working great to provide better SEO and also better search engine rankings by making your titles and tags more easily read by the worlds top search engines, but they are also constantly being updated to work with the most recent versions of WordPress. Below are links to both download pages.

Hope this helps and I’d love to hear your thoughts on both these great WordPress Plugins.

Add-Meta-Tags WordPress Plugin Download

SEO Title Tag WordPress Plugin Download

Update: I’ve actually created an update to this page and made a complete list of some of the top wordpress plugins. See the list here.

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    This post is pretty old (2007) and a lot has changed since then… Although I would still recommend All In One SEO Pack there are quite a few theme developers like StudioPress that already put those options built right into the theme itself.

    I might need to do a more up to date post on the topic in the near future.

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