Don’t Read ‘Damn You Auto Correct’ In A Coffee Shop

Damn You Auto Correct

So this morning I realized reading Damn You Auto Correct in a coffee shop is a bad idea. People tend to stare at those who can’t stop laughing while by themselves in public places. I’m sure a few people thought I was crazy. That’s ok. This site literally makes my day.

If you haven’t heard of it before it’s a site where people submit their iPhone auto correct failures. The iPhone comes with an auto correct feature that works with all apps, but is most used during texting. According to Apple the auto correct feature not only comes with millions of pre loaded words, but also is supposed to learn from you as you type more. Say for instance you use a certain slang word over and over. The iPhone is then supposed to learn that word and in the future not try and correct you which in the long run saves you time.

Unfortunately as some have found out… it’s not perfect and can easily change a word which can make for some funny and of course awkward responses from friends, coworkers and family which leads to many cursing their iPhone and wondering why words like “shit” are replaced with “shatner” or “drive” comes up as “badonkadonk” or “Mondays” comes up as “manboobs”. One thing is for sure… the iPhone has a potty mouth.

Check out 10 12 of the funnier ones I found. I literally searched for 10 minutes so definitely check out the site for more hysterical text message fails. Just make sure you’re not in public;)

What’s the funniest one you’ve seen? Link to it in the comments below.


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