Bryan Hauer

About Bryan Hauer

Current Gig: I create videos about my travels, sometimes off-grid, camping & road-tripping around the USA with my Tesla Model Y using Superchargers & solar. Subscribe on YouTube!

Occupation: Serial Entrepreneur who has started numerous health/fitness & technology companies.

Investments: Technology, Crypto, Clean Energy, Fitness – based companies.

Hobbies: Poker, Golf, Fishing, Basketball, Tennis, Summer Concerts, Traveling.

Top 5 Business Tips

1. Try a bunch of different things as that’s the only way to truly know what you enjoy and want to work on daily.

2. Find an industry that’s not a fad and create a business around it that offers passive/recurring income.

3. Spend the money at the beginning to hire an accountant and attorney that can help you set everything up and structure it properly.

4. Don’t try to grow too fast. A larger space and more employees isn’t always the best thing for you or the business.

5. Always do the right thing when it comes to the business, your customers/clients or employees.