Best WordPress Meta Tags Plugin – Add Description and Keywords Easily

January 23, 2007  •  6 Comments

Over the last few weeks I’ve scoured the net for a plugin that allows me to add descriptions and keywords easily while using WordPress as my content management system. I’m proud to say after trying many different plugins and even […]

Will the PGA Tour FedEx Cup be good for golf?

January 18, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

With the start of the 2007 PGA Tour season last week in Hawaii the tour kicked off the FedEx Cup which could be a huge leap forward for an already growing golf viewership or a disaster waiting to happen.

Barack Obama Takes Aim at Whitehouse

January 16, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

Today Barack Obama the junior Senator from Illinois announced he is forming an exploratory committee to look further into a run for the US Presidency in 2008.

David Beckham to join LA Galaxy – Can he save US Soccer?

January 15, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

Soccer player David Beckham who might be known as the world’s most famous athlete alongside Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods announced a few days ago that he has accepted a $250 million deal with the LA Galaxy of the MLS.

Apple iPhone – A Revolutionary Multimedia Widescreen Internet Device

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Apple iPhone… All I can say is WOW!

Tony Romo – From the penthouse to the outhouse

January 7, 2007  •  1 Comment

So I can’t decide if I feel bad for Tony Romo or not. I mean the poor guy is the “toast of the town” in Dallas and then two seconds later he’s “Buckner”.

Daniel Negreanu Shaves his head

January 5, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

If you’re a poker player and haven’t already checked out Daniel Negreanu’s Blog you’re missing out. He’s definitely got the best blog in poker and is probably the hardest working poker player as far as endorsements, playing, writing etc… He’s […]

Poker After Dark on NBC – Boring!!!

January 4, 2007  •  7 Comments

Ok, so I’ve watched the first 3 episodes of Poker After Dark which premiered on NBC this week at 2am and all I can say is it’s pathetic.

Steve Jobs Graduation Ceremony Speech at Stanford

January 3, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

Ok, so I’m a huge Steve Jobs fan along with some other entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban and Bill Phillips and since I just ran across it on GooTube and thought it spoke volumes about life after school and how […]

Should Boise State get a shot at the National Title?

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I think most of us have now seen the incredible game and of course finish from the Boise State/Oklahoma game, but now that they have proven along with Utah that these smaller football programs can compete with the big boys… […]