Why I Dumped Comcast Yesterday And My Hopes For The New Apple TV

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While the new Apple TV announcement today didn’t quite have the “wow” factor we were all hoping for it did lay the groundwork for what’s hopefully coming soon. Yesterday my roommate and I decided we were done with Comcast. We […]

My Prediction For The 2010 Minnesota Vikings

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I saw this video on YouTube titled ‘I Got A Feeling – Vikings Song’ last year just before the NFC Championship game vs the New Orleans Saints and with just about 10 days till the Vikings and Saints meet again to kick off the NFL season opener I thought I’d post it again as the video still rings true. What do I expect from the Vikings this season?…[Continue Reading]

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them: StudioPress Acquires ModThemes

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ModThemes launched in March of 2009 with the goal of developing stylish, powerful, yet easy to modify Premium WordPress Themes. From the start we analyzed what other top development sites were offering, what customers wanted most in WordPress themes and […]

AT&T Screws Up iPhone 4 Launch

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Tell me if you’ve heard this story before? Almost two years ago AT&T screwed up the iPhone 3G launch when millions of customers overloaded their servers while trying to activate their new iPhones via iTunes. Both AT&T stores along with Apple Stores were completely offline for hours as iTunes couldn’t connect to AT&T servers for authentication.

Now two years later we have a similar problem. As Apple and AT&T online stores started…[Continue Reading]

Is Apple's Next 4th Generation iPhone The One We've All Been Waiting For?

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Gizmodo released pictures and video today of what they call proof that they have a lost 4th generation Apple iPhone and go as far as to say there’s “very little possibility it’s a fake.”

The iPhone in question was apparently found in a bar in Redwood City, CA… [Continue Reading]

Video: My First Time Skydiving – Minneapolis

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Here’s video of my friend Stephen and I on our first skydiving adventure. We went to a place called Skydive Twin Cities which is actually located about 20 minutes into Wisconsin in Baldwin.

We had an incredible time. The staff was great! They were very professional… [Continue Reading]

2009 PGA Championship Hazeltine CC, Chaska, MN Wednesday Pics

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Here are some pics from Wednesday’s practice round at the 2009 PGA Championship taking place at Hazeltine GC in Chaska, MN. The crowds were pretty big for a practice round especially since Tiger Woods didn’t even play a practice round […]

iPhone Tip Of The Day – CardStar iPhone App

August 5, 2009  •  1 Comment

So earlier today I ran across a great free iPhone App that will help anyone get rid of all those membership and discount store cards you’ve been lugging around in your George Costanza wallet. The App which is free on […]

Phil Ivey Makes November 9, Becomes Twitter Trending Topic

July 16, 2009  •  2 Comments

Las Vegas, NV – Tonight Phil Ivey made history and might have just staked his place as the best overall poker player of all time. With just under 6500 entries into this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event Phil […]

Calling All WordPress Theme Developers And Bloggers

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On Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 I’ll be launching the WordPress Theme Store aka WP Theme Store. This is a very exciting project for me and will really showcase all the top WordPress theme designers/developers and will include full details and […]