JibJab Video – What We Call the News

March 29, 2007  •  2 Comments

Just saw the new JibJab video released today called What We Call the News.

Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs Cartoon – An Instant Classic

March 19, 2007  •  1 Comment

Gates vs. Jobs Cartoon – This is probably one of the most clever and well done videos I’ve seen on GooTube yet. Plus, it was originally done. It’s a must see!

Google Video and YouTube Caught Editing Video


So why is this so important you might ask? Well, Google Video and YouTube have always maintained the stance that they are protected from being sued for copyright infringement based on Safe Harbors and the fact that they don’t have […]

Madison Square Garden High School Basketball Brawl Video

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Here is video of the recent basketball brawl which took place at Madison Square Garden between Brooklyn rivals Lincoln High School and Boys and Girls High School.

Funny Celebrity Prank Calls and Soundboards

March 18, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

I just ran across this site that lists a ton of hilarious celebrity prank phone calls and soundboards. There’s a number of great ones, but my favorites have to be the Howard Stern ones.

Firefox 2 – Why you should dump Internet Explorer

March 13, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

Firefox 2 is by far the best web browser alternative for anyone using Windows XP or Vista for that matter.

Google and Apple Team Up to Take on Microsoft

March 6, 2007  •  3 Comments

Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced today at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco that Google and Apple, Inc. plan to strengthen it’s ties to help take on Microsoft and products like Microsoft Office.

Minor League Pitcher Could Be Baseball's First Billionaire Player

March 1, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

Los Angeles Dodgers minor league pitcher Matt White could become baseball’s first billionaire player, but it probably won’t have anything to do with his fastball.

Honus Wagner Baseball Card Fetches a record $2.3 Million at Auction

February 27, 2007  •  Leave a Comment

The 1909 Honus Wagner tobacco card which is the so called “Holy Grail of Baseball Cards” was sold recently for a record $2.3 Million at auction.

Apple iPhone Commercial to Debut During Oscars – Watch Video

February 25, 2007  •  Leave a Comment is reporting that Apple, Inc. will use tonights Oscars to debut it’s much anticipated iPhone commercial.